VIOS (pronounced vEEOs) means life (Βίος) in Greek; its common English equivalent bio abounds in science as the word denoting everything about life (biology, biomedicine, bioimaging…). Life is central to our mission. With advances in artificial intelligence, computer vision and inverse problems, our mission is to address societal problems by solving key challenges in the life and natural sciences.


  • VIOS Open House for Prospective PhD students: VIOS is expanding with new PhD students (at least 3 with fully funding available). We will have a VIOS open house online webinar on Nov 24, 1-2pm UK time (on Teams) to describe these positions and offer advice. To attend this webinar you have to register. Descriptions of the positions will be made available at the join us page.

  • We are expanding again!: We are looking for several PhD students (Deadlines 30/Nov/2022, 13/Jan/2023, 3/Feb/2023) visit our join us page for more information.

  • VIOS at MICCAI 2022: VIOS has strong presence in MICCAI presenting 5 papers and co-organising two workshops (DART and MAD).

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Highlighted Publications

1. Diffusion Models for Causal Discovery via Topological Ordering
P. Sanchez, X. Liu, A.Q. O'Neil, S.A. Tsaftaris
ICLR 2023
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2. Indication as Prior Knowledge for Multimodal Disease Classification in Chest Radiographs with Transformers
G. Jacenków; A.Q. O’Neil, S.A. Tsaftaris
ISBI 2022
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3. vMFNet: Compositionality Meets Domain-generalised Segmentation
X. Liu, S. Thermos, P. Sanchez, A.Q. O'Neil, S.A. Tsaftaris
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4. What is Healthy? Generative Counterfactual Diffusion for Lesion Localization
P. Sanchez, A. Kascenas, X. Liu, A.Q. O'Neil, S.A. Tsaftaris
MICCAI Workshop 2022, Deep Generative Models
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5. Why patient data cannot be easily forgotten?
R. Su, X. Liu, S.A. Tsaftaris
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6. Measuring Unintended Memorisation of Unique Private Features in Neural Networks.
J. Hartley, S.A. Tsaftaris
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