VIOS (pronounced vEEOs) means life (Βίος) in Greek; its common English equivalent bio abounds in science as the word denoting everything about life (biology, biomedicine, bioimaging…). Life is central to our mission. With advances in artificial intelligence, computer vision and inverse problems, our mission is to address societal problems by solving key challenges in the life and natural sciences.


  • VIOS at MICCAI 2020: VIOS has strong presence in MICCAI with 7 papers, one tutorial and one keynote (DART, by Sotos).

  • Area Chair for CVPR 2021: Sotos will serve as Area Chair for CVPR 2021 (Nashville, TN).

  • DREAMy MICCAI 2020 Tutorial: Sotos and Alison will be giving a tutorial on disentangled representation learning at MICCAI 2020 (Peru). See here DREAM 2020 PAGE.

  • Area Chair for MICCAI 2020: Sotos will serve as Area Chair for MICCAI 2020 (Peru).

  • Dr Chen Qin joins VIOS: Dr Chen Qin joined our collaboratory. Visit her profile here.

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Highlighted Publications (MICCAI 2020)

1. Have you forgotten? A method to assess if machine learning models have forgotten data
X. Liu, S.A. Tsaftaris

2. INSIDE: Steering Spatial Attention with Non-Imaging Information in CNNs
G. Jacenków, A.Q. O'Neil, B. Mohr, S.A. Tsaftaris
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3. Disentangled Representations for Domain-generalized Cardiac Segmentation
X. Liu, S. Thermos, A. Chartsias, A.Q. O'Neil, S.A. Tsaftaris
MICCAI 2020, STACOM: Statistical Atlases and Computational Modelling of the Heart
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4. Max-Fusion U-Net for Multi-Modal Pathology Segmentation with Attention and Dynamic Resampling
H. Jiang, C. Wang, A. Chartsias, S.A. Tsaftaris
MICCAI 2020, MyoPS: Multi-sequence CMR based Mycardial Pathology Segmentation Challenge
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5. Semi-supervised Pathology Segmentation with Disentangled Representations
H. Jiang, A. Chartsias, X. Zhang, G. Panastasiou, S. Semple, M. Dweck, D. Semple, R. Dharmakumar, S.A. Tsaftaris
MICCAI 2020, DART: Domain Adaptation and Representation Transfer
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