Valerio Giuffrida

Assistant Professor in Computer Vision (The University of Nottingham)

Valerio Giuffrida is a Assistant Professor in Computer Vision at The University of Nottingham.

He obtained the Ph.D. from IMT School For Advanced Studies Lucca (supervisor Prof. Sotirios A. Tsaftaris based at the University of Edinburgh). He has published several papers on machine learning and plant phenotyping. Specifically, his first work presented a learning algorithm to count leaves in rosette plants. Then, he matured his research interests on neural networks, particularly on Restricted Boltzmann Machines (RBMs). In the 2016, he participated at the enrichment program of The Alan Turing Institute.

Besides his scientific skills, he is an excellent programmer, boasting knowledge in several programming languages. In fact, he is the lead developer of the Phenotiki Analysis Software, which bundles computer vision and machine learning algorithms to analyse rosette plants. During his master, he had the possibility to participate in different scientific summer schools, such as the International Computer Vision Summer School (ICVSS) and the Medical Imaging Summer School (MISS), which have been of great motivations towards his scientific career.

Please visit his personal website for more information.