Chen Qin

Lecturer in Machine Learning and Computer Vision

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Dr. Chen Qin is a Lecturer in Computer Vision and Machine Learning at Electronics and Electrical Engineering, The University of Edinburgh.

Before that, she worked as a Research Associate at Department of Computing, Imperial College London. She obtained her Ph.D. in Computing Research from Imperial College London in January 2020, M.Sc. in Control Science and Engineering from Tsinghua University in July 2015, and B.Eng. in Automation from Harbin Institute of Technology in July 2012. From July 2018 to May 2019, she also worked at Siemens Healthineers (NJ, USA) and Huawei Technology (London, UK) as a research intern.

Her research is at the interdisciplinary field of artificial intelligence and medical imaging, aiming to improve the entire medical imaging/radiology workflow with significant impact for clinical use via machine intelligence. Her current research mainly focuses on the development of machine learning algorithms for magnetic resonance image reconstruction and analysis, including dynamic MR image reconstruction, medical image registration and segmentation.

Please visit her personal website for more information.